Maker’s Residency

Core value of Odyssea’s makerspace through our FabLab, AstroLab, is devoting it to the support of social impact projects of various individuals, who are seeking access to fabrication tools and know-how. Our Maker’s Residency program explores the integration of Digital fabrication tools into the process of design and production.

The Maker Residency is based on the Fab Academy Diploma, which is an intensive 6 months course given by Professor Neil Greshenfeld, the director of MIT’s Center of Bits & Atoms. The course is given by AstroLab’s team of qualified Fab Academy Graduates.

Each week you will learn a new skill and implement it in hands-on practical assignments.


Makeathons are creative challenges that bring together “makers” from different backgrounds to reflect on and tackle a single social challenge together. Participants come together to create an object or piece of work that is environmentally friendly, unique, and innovative. The makeathon will be spaced out in a total of 5 working days.

R&D projects

We are encouraging and supporting all projects that have a social impact. We are inviting makers who are interacting with us from universities, through the makeathon, the maker’s residency course and any other way to use our facilities for their projects.