Induction courses

In order to gain access to our different woodworking machines and tools, first time users and members of AstroLab are required to complete our induction courses prior to using our machines and tools. Because safety is paramount for all our processes.

These short instrunctional course include:

  • Woodworkshop prep — Power tools, hand tools & finishing
  • Machine use Assessment – One-to-one with the workshop manager
  • Laser Cutting, 3D-printing, Vinyl Cutter, CnC Mill and Electronics Equipment Safety Inductions

Workshops - Healing through making

From our previous experience on running the “How to learn better” training course, we have identified that a lot of beneficiaries coming from conflict areas have a lack of confidence that often blocks tham from actively rebuilding their lives in this new context. Through a series of educational courses and workshops for adults and teenagers, we aim to empower our beneficiaries, spur creativity and help people be released from a limbo state in which they were often trapped. We have found that healing by making, helps them rebuild their confidence and establish the understanding that they can actively improve the quality of their lives.

STEAM Education

To support vulnerable youth and unaccompanied minors we will organise STEAM and Astronomy classes for them.

STEAM EDUCATION is split into modules containing five lessons each, focusing on core STEAM subjects such as engineering, technology and robotics that can be directly applied to a future career.

  • Systems thinking & Robotics
  • Computational Thinking & Programming
  • Engineering Design Process
  • Advanced Manufacturing Fundamentals
  • Robotics in Society

In ASTRONOMY, children will experience interactive classes where they will construct constellation maps, their favourite constellations, windmills, create photo collages, planetary pocket tapes, fantastic landscapes, rockets.