– Exclusive Programing

For nonprofit and social enterprise partners working with vulnerable populations, our academy will design both one-off and a set of targeted workshops for the beneficiaries to introduce, inspire, and advance their skillsets.

– Prototyping R&D

Our lab offers state-of-the-art advanced technology to small enterprises, businesses, and large corporations interested in pursuing research and development, prototyping, and other corporate development initiatives.

– Company Membership

Our team offers discount to our makerspace memberships to potential company partners that are interested in bulk packages for their companies and employees. Thus positioning themselves in the core of the latest technologies and innovative thinking.​

– Sponsorships

Our value is our community and our beneficiaries – we offer potential sponsors numerous ways to connect more strongly with our members, the neighboring community!

– Special Collaborations

Our team is always interested in partnering with like-minded organizations. If none of the above offerings apply, we never turn down a potential partner – whether it is to use our space, run a hackathon, or any other special project!

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