Meeting Room

As part of our co-working lab, incubation and office residence services, AstroLab covers the needs of the members  for all types of business meetings – along with large presentations. The meeting room capacity is up to 25 people.


Our Co-Working space has a different character than traditional co-working spaces – it is closely related to and supports members working in the Lab . Co-workers, through their membership are offered a special combination of services: technical digital fabrication courses, tutoring on subjects closely related with their projects or businesses, and access to AstroLab’s Academy.


Astrolab is a fully equipped Fabrication Laboratory with tools that can assist on prototyping and the production of a commercial project. The combination of digital manufacturing technology, electronics, and hand tools enables the creation of small and large-scale products that cover a variety of applications ranging from product-design to architecture.

Event Space

AstroLab offers a great venue for events  both in our indoor and outdoor spaces. – Events that can be hosted at Astrolab’s premises should be linked with its general objectives and disciplines. More specifically we welcome lectures, hackathons, group meetings, start-up and accelerator boot camps, small scale conferences, exhibitions, tech symposiums etc. The event capacity for indoors is up to 50 people and outdoors up to 120people

Wood Working Space

Our wood workshop is well suited to the needs of traditional wood craftsmanship. It is equipped with carpentry tools for the manipulation of large scale wood blocks and surfaces.  With the assistance of our qualified personnel, members can use the wood workshop  taylored to the needs of their project.


The storage room has space for storing a variety of medium and small-scale materials. It also offers lockers for our members to keep their personal items safe during and after their daily work.


Kitchen is one of the common areas of the building . All building residents have access to the kitchen and food storage.